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Krystalantik's Living Room photo Sima
Krystalantik's Living room
In 1995, I got my International (affix)

from FIFe
(Fédération Internationale Féline)

I started to breed these sacred cats as a member of
FFH (Fédération Féline Helvétique)
in Switzerland.

Ever since I started, I began looking for
The Perfect Birman

To find the answer, I began to study the genetics and history of Birmans in every country. I read many of books. I wanted to know why some places have better looking Birmans. So I studied the geography, and background of these cats.
I traveled as much as I could, visiting different breeders in many countries. I made many wonderful friends, and saw incredible felines.

Gouanna LadyBlue & Golden Gate Krystalantik 1999

The Best Part Of My Visits

On August 11, 2000 there was a total solar eclipse in Europe. On that same day, I was in Borlange, Sweden, to visit a breeder friend.
It is a beautiful part of the world. Clean air, wild animals, wonderful landscape. I am grateful that my search for fine Birmans led me to this marvellous place, which I would have never thought to visit.I slept at my friend's house, and her cat, who had delivered a litter, gave me the honor of sleeping with me and bringing me her babies too.

In December, 2000
I went to England and attended the

National Cat Show
The biggest show I have ever seen.
It was wonderful to visit so many Birmans.
I met many breeders of Birman and enjoyed seeing all of the felines.

Krystalantik GouannaLadyBlue

After the show, I went to visit other friends.Sima and Mary Lou photo Sima
I was in heaven with all these little angels around me. You can see me in the picture on the right, I had the honor of holding.
Mary Lou.
the first Chocolate Point Birman in England!
She was 17 years old.

In 2001 my family and I, and all of our cats moved to
We hope to continue breeding and showing in the United States with
(Cat Fanciers' Association)

and present our Birmans to the Americans and the rest of the world.

Oscar and Iris Krystalantik photo Sima

Krystalantik Oscar and Iris

At this time, I am doing research on the Internet and plan to go to Europe again a few times.
My search for the "Perfect Birman" will continue.

"Does he or she really exist?"

Maybe each of our Birmans has a little part of
Mystical Creature.

Please come back soon to follow us in our quest to find the
"Perfect Birman".

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