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Birmans, or The Sacred Cats of Burma
as they are otherwise known

They are a beautiful and unique breed of semi-long hair cat. Their coloring is similar to that of the Siamese, but there the resemblance ends. They have long silky coats but they do not have the Persian type of face. They are very affectionate and make devoted pets. Simply demanding devoted owner.

If you are owned by a Birman
you will inevitably be totally "under the paw"

The above is one of the best descriptions of the Birman that I have found. It is from a great book called The Birman Cat Worldwide, by Vivienne Smith.

are capable of creating a deep relationship with the owner and this is something hard to explain. You should live this wonderful experience. This may be what makes the Birman unique compared to other cats. They are not only pets that eat and sleep, they live with you. They take care of you and when you need support, they are here for you. You can feel it. There is nothing better than when I wake up in the morning with all my cats around my bed watching me in silence, waiting for me to open my eyes. Then they come to say Good morning.

They have the most beautiful legend in the world. Only the Birman holds the key to this mystery, and if you question them, the only reply you will recive will be a discerning look from their inscrutable sapphire blue eyes. The secret will be eternally theirs. This is where the legends ends and the actual history begins, but remember...

...Legends usually carry certain elements of truth.

They are known as the artists' cats.
The French cal them the Rolls-Royce of the cats.
They are very famous and demanded in Europe.

In United States, if the Americans adore dogs it is because they know so little about Birman cats.

In 1991, for the first time in my life I saw the Sacred Cats of Burma and I thought to myself:

Good Heavens! What is this creature?
How ethereal it is. I rubbed my eyes wondering: Is this a dream or is it real?

In my lifetime I have seen and owned many cats, but I had never before seen these angels with white feet. I marveled at their majesty.
That's when Krystalantik started!!!

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